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Simple way of reminding ourselves how blessed we are!

You know that feeling when you finally lay your head down on the pillow in the evening and BOOM, all the worries start making a parade?

Our thoughts run around unchecked all the time, either planning for a better future or regretting the past.

We’re always waiting for the next great promotion, next holiday, more clothes and so on… . We think, “Someday when this thing happens, I will be happy.”

Or, we regret the past, like the end of a relationship, an ending of a job, or a financial breakdown. We think, “If only this thing had not happened, my life would be better’’.

But whether in the future or past, there is one place our thoughts are not and this is THE PRESENT. This is where all our blessings reside.

When I get sick, I realize how nice it feels to be healthy. When it is raining on the day I plan to go outside, I realize the joy of a sunny day with a cool breeze caressing my face.

I remember when being a teenager, I used to daydream and plan my future life. This would take me so far away from what I already had; health, fresh countryside food, the freedom to run after my cow barefoot, the immense joy to just go and pick-up flowers on the front house hill. Ok, now I will get melancholic, let's ''get back to our sheep", how we like it to say in French.

Our thoughts are so used to run around, that we don’t realize that our focus isn’t where we are. It is almost always somewhere else.

’’Unseen’’ blessings are available right now, if you just take a step back and notice where you are!

Let’s try something :) Look at yourself while reading this post. Notice the environment that surrounds you. I’ll give you a moment.


This IS your life, this IS where your blessings lay.

Ask yourself: What good things have brought me where I am today?

You can start with the fact that you can read, for example! You can follow blogs like mine :) What about your friends? Your children? Your pet? Your health?

What else?

We sometimes experience tremendous life challenges that hide great blessings. And if you feel low right now and going through some really tough times, ask yoursef : What can I learn from this experience? What has life, as it happens, to teach me right now ?

One more exercise, when going to bed tonight, try and count your blessings instead of sheep (wink).

Feel free to leave me a comment on my Facebook page and tell me how many blessings you found! Or let's chat here.

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