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12 symple tips in order to overcome procrastination

Do you find yourself pursuing unattainable goals and chasing unrealistic expectations and then feeling unhappy, self rejection and self hate?

Then, my dear, you got it ! It’s called PERFECTIONISM.

How do I know? I used to have it too! TERRIBELY! And still fall for it from

time to time, but then remind myself of the things I learned on the path to healing.

And who says perfectionism, says PROCRASTINATION.

I see and hear brilliant human beings having all the necessary drive and intelligence to conquer the world, but turning back to their scared, unhappy inner child because of the beliefs they learned while they were growing! They feel they have to have it all perfect, otherwise, it won’t be accepted, otherwise it is not good enough!

How many times we fall into this trap !

Below you will find a list of the visible elements of procrastination and then some behaviours and practices that you can apply into the day to day life in order to overcome it:

Which one of the points in the procrastination list relates to you? One, several?

Do you find the "How to overcome procrastination" tips list helpful?

I would love to hear from you, leave a comment on my Facebook page , Instagram page, or talk to me live here.

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